Time sync / Motion Setup (Hide Vendor Info)

Time sync / Motion Setup (Hide Vendor Info)

When installing Uniview cameras for the first time the cameras time and motion settings will need to be set up based on the install. Also when installing on a 3rd party recorder “Hide vendor info” will need to be turned on.

When setting up the system time for IP cameras, the best way to do this is from the cameras direct web browser login. Once logged in and on the cameras time menu, sync the camera time to your PC. Then enable DST and set the time and dates correctly for your regions DST. Next enable the NTP server and use time.windows.com as the server on port 123. Make sure that your time zone is then set correctly. It should have auto set when syncing your computers time.

Please download and follow our Uniview motion set up tutorial that can be found on our Support > Tutorials Page, or click here to download it.

Hide Vendor Info:
When adding cameras to a 3rd party recorder the camera is required to have “Hide Vendor Info” turned on. To turn on this option open the camera in the web browser. Once logged in navigate to the settings menu > Security > Registration Info. Then check on the “Hide Vendor Info”check box.

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