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Enterprise Video Management System

Part Number: Unicorn

Device Input: 1000 Devices, 2000 Channels (UNV IPC) or 1000 Channels (ONVIF IPC)
Distributed Operation – Parent/Child Hierarchy with up to 9 child servers, accessed with just 1 IP address (Parent server)
Video Output: 2-HDMI(4K), 1-VGA(1080P), Independent (Spot) Output
Max Decoding Resolution: 12MP
Bandwidth: 512Mbps (In) / 384Mbps (Out)
HDD Storage: 16-SATA up to 10TB each; 1 eSATA; 2 miniSAS expandable up to additional 32-SATA; RAID Supported
Network Ports: Quad 10M/100M/1000M NIC, 2×1000M SFP optical interfaces
POE Power: N/A
Support 12MP Fisheye: Yes
Support LPR Camera: Yes
Chassis: 3U, Rackmountable
NDAA Compliant: Yes
Warranty Period: 3 Years





Software and hardware integration



Total devices

1,000 devices, 2,000 channels

Cloud device


Access control device


Smart device

100 smart encoding devices and entrance & exit devices, 256 channels.





Security gateway


Alarm control


Access control


Network keyboard


Replica server

10 (including hot spare devices)

Support primary/replica deployment to expand management, forwarding, and storage performance;

Up to 2,000 devices, 4,000 channels, linearly increasing forwarding and storage capacity.



U-Code, H.265, H.264




2xHDMI, 1xVGA (independent output);

HDMI supports 4K resolution.

Decoding (standard)

4x4K@30, 16x1080p@30, 36x720p@30, or 64xD1@30


G.711A, G.711μ, ACC


HDD slot (standard)

16 x SATA HDD slots; hot-swappable

RAID mode


Expansion (optional)

Max 2 disk enclosures; up to 48 disks with 672TB storage;

Models: DE-S108 and DE-S116.

DE-S108 disk enclosure

Up to 8 SATA HDDs, each with up to 14TB.

DE-S116 disk enclosure

Up to 16 SATA HDDs, each with up to 14TB.

Incoming bandwidth


Storage bandwidth


Forwarding bandwidth


Alarm receiving and forwarding

100 alarms/s

Playback channels

Max. 24-ch central recording playback (16-ch playback on single client).

User management

Up to 1,000 users;

Up to 300 concurrent online users.

Map resources

Max. 20MB per image, max. 800MB storage space, and no limit on the number of map resources;

Supported image format: PNG, BMP, and JPEG.

Personnel management

Max. 10,000 persons, max. 100 departments;

Max. 6 library images for each person;

JPG image only, each 10KB-500KB, max. resolution 1672*1080.

Max. 16 vehicles can be added for each person.

Image processing performance

Receive 100 vehicle/face images per second (1 original image and 1 thumbnail image are counted as 2 images).

Note: For example, if each device uploads 1 image per second, then 100 devices can be connected; if each device uploads 5 images per second, then 20 devices can be connected.

Face library

Up to 128 face libraries, each with up to 50,000 faces.

Vehicle library

Up to 16 vehicle libraries, each with up to 10,000 vehicles.

People/vehicle image storage

Up to 256 channels.

Alarm logs

Max. 200,000

Operation logs

Max. 200,000

Face snapshots

Max. 3000,000

Face alarms

Max. 3000,000

Vehicle pass-thru records

Max. 3000,000

Mixed-traffic detection records

Max. 3000,000

Access records

Max. 3000,000

Basic function

Device management

IPC, NVR, smart device, access control device, entrance & exit device, cloud device, decoder, network keyboard, access control, alarm control, expansion disk enclosure, etc.

Live view

1/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/13/16/17/25/32/36/64 window display; custom window layout;

3/7 window layout in corridor mode;

Max 3 auxiliary monitors;

Supports view, sequence, snapshot, digital zoom, audio control, PTZ control, patrol, fisheye, 5ePTZ, panoramic linkage, instant playback, recording, etc.


Supports central recordings (on VMS) and device recordings (on NVR);

Supports normal playback, tag playback, lock playback, smart recording playback, event playback, VCA recording playback;

Normal playback supports 1/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/13/16 window layout;

Supports up to 16-ch synchronous playback on single client (depending on NVR playback streaming performance);

Multiple playback speeds: -256x, -128x, -64x, -32x, -16x, -8x, -4x, -2x, -1x, 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x (depending on NVR playback streaming performance);

Supports snapshot, digital zoom, clipping, audio control, locking, tagging, rewinding/forwarding 30 seconds, zooming in/out on the timeline, playback by frame, synchronous playback, recording preview on the timeline, etc.;

Download recordings by file, time, tag, lock.


Supports alarm subscription, custom alarm level, alarm time template, and contacts management (B/S client);

Add, delete, edit, search, enable/disable alarm plan, and configure linkage actions for the alarm plan, for example, live view, go to preset, alarm output, alarm to video wall (B/S client also supports recording, email, buzzer, snapshot);

View realtime and history alarm records; search history alarms by alarm source, time, alarm status, alarm type, and alarm level.


Two-way audio: supports two-way audio with IPCs and NVRs; allows up to one channel;

Broadcast: allows up to 128 audio channels.


Supports local and online map (Amap); supported formats: JPG, PNG, BMP;

Add, delete, edit, search map, hot spot (video channel, alarm input, door), and hot zone;

Select or customize icons for hot spots;

Max. 4 channels of live video and 16 channels of recordings on maps;

Supports flashing alarms, and allows user to view and acknowledge alarms on the map;

Max. 800MB storage space of map resources; up to 7 layers of maps are allowed.

Video wall

Supports multi-model decoding devices;

Add, delete, edit, and search video walls; set parameters including video wall name, specification, resolution, binding/unbinding decoding channel;

Supports live view, playback, sequence on video wall;

One-click to save settings as a scene for quick recall and restoration of the layout;

Play signal source on video wall, turn on/off the screen, and virtual LED configuration.

Local file

View local videos and images of video channels.


Smart function

Face recognition

Face library management

Add, delete, edit, search face libraries; supports 128 face libraries;

Add, delete, edit, search, import, export person information; supports batch operation;

Search face information by name, ID number, gender.

Monitoring task

Face match alarm and face not match alarm.

Realtime monitoring

View live video, snapshots, and comparison records of monitoring cameras;

View body temperature and mask status;

Supports up to 4 channels of live video.

People counting

Realtime statistics

View live video of monitoring cameras;

Add, delete, edit, search people counting areas; up to 8 areas are allowed, each area allows up to 32 channels;

Set thresholds for people present alarms (critical/major/minor);

Add, delete, edit, search crowd density monitoring areas; up to 16 areas are allowed, each area allows up to 1 channel;

Set thresholds for crowd density alarms (critical/major/minor);

View people counting statistics of the monitored area and access status.

Report statistics

Supports people counting statistics by minute/hour/day/month;

Use line chart or column chart to view the number of people in/out/present separately or combined;

View the number of people in/out/present, channel details for a certain time, and export report.

Behavior search


Search alarm information on the VMS by pedestrian/non-motor vehicle/motor vehicle, time range, and alarm type (cross line detection, intrusion detection, enter area, leave area);

View alarm information including original and closeup images, attribute details, and alarm videos (10s).

On devices

Search alarm snapshots and recordings saved on NVRs/IPCs by time and alarm type (cross line detection, intrusion detection).

Access control

Permission management (B/S)

Set time template;

Assign permissions to access specified doors.

Manual control

View door status, open/close doors manually.

Visitor management

Sign in/out visitors, search visitor information by his/her name or the name of the visited;

Set visitor permission group/blocklist.

Monitoring management

Add, delete, edit, search a blocklist library and its person information;

Add blocklist to a monitoring task and block persons on the blocklist.

Search records

Search and export access records by time, door name, person name, card number, body temperature, direction, person type, mask status; view information such as body temperature, mask status, and authentication status;

Search and export attendance information by time, name, and person ID; view date, name, person ID, department, door, first in time, last out time, duration, access records, etc.;

Search and export blocklist alarms by time, name, and alarm source.


Vehicle library management

Add, delete, edit, search vehicle libraries; supports 16 vehicle libraries;

Add, delete, edit, search, import, export license plate information; supports batch operation;

Search vehicles by plate number, plate type, plate color, and vehicle color.

Monitoring task

Sync vehicle information classified by robbed vehicle, stolen vehicle, suspect vehicle, traffic violation, emergency control to device(s) for comparison;

Select one vehicle library or up to 32 vehicles for a monitoring task.

Realtime monitoring

View live video, snapshots and comparison records of monitoring cameras;

View up to 4 channels of live video.

Parking lot

Vehicle library management

Add, delete, edit, search vehicle libraries; supports 16 vehicle libraries;

Add, delete, edit, search, import, export license plate information; supports batch operation;

Search vehicles by plate number, plate type, plate color, and vehicle color.

Realtime monitoring

View live video of monitoring cameras;

Open gate remotely.

Pass-thru records

Search pass-thru records by time, plate number, owner name, vehicle color, and entrance & exit.

Mixed-traffic detection

Realtime monitoring

View two channels of live video;

View motor vehicle/non-motor vehicle/pedestrian/face snapshots in real time.

Data search

Face search

Search by attribute, event, and image.

By attribute: search by channel name, snapshot time, gender, age, glasses type, mask status, body temperature, and search images by the search results; view alarm images, alarm videos, object features, and export data;

By event: search by monitoring type (match/not match alarm), alarm source, alarm time, name, ID number, gender, mask status, body temperature; view alarm images, alarm videos, object features, and export data;

By image: use a face image to search pass-thru records and face libraries on the NVR; view alarm snapshots and videos.

Pedestrian search

Search criteria include channel name, snapshot time, gender, age, hair style, clothes style and color, shoe style, and bag style; view alarm snapshots, object features, and export data.

Motor vehicle search

Search by attribute and event.

Search by attribute: search criteria include channel name, snapshot time, plate number, vehicle type, plate color, plate type, vehicle logo, direction, speed, and vehicle color; view alarm snapshots, alarm videos, object features; and export data;

Search by event: search criteria include monitoring type (match/not match alarm), alarm source, alarm time, plate number, plate color, vehicle color, and cause of monitoring; view alarm images, alarm videos, object features, and export data.

Non-motor vehicle search

Search criteria include channel name, snapshot time, vehicle type, direction, speed; view alarm snapshots and object features; export data.

Attendance (B/S)

Component management

Install/uninstall attendance service at System Configuration > Component Management > Attendance Service

Set temperature unit (°C/°F);

View attendance service version information;

Attendance management

Manage attendance at Access Control > Attendance Management

Set attendance rules: set the attendance automatic calculation time.

1. Staff schedule: period settings, shift management and schedule management;
Period settings: supports normal period (set work start and end times, valid sign-in&out time range, absence rules) and flexible period (set the flexible duration calculation method, daily attendance duration, and the time of switching to the next attendance day);

Shift management: set and view shift information;

Schedule management: assign shifts to persons; add, delete staff schedule.

2. Attendance handling: leave, re-sign in&out, search re-sign in&out records.
Add, edit, delete leave information; set leave type including casual leave, sick leave, paternity leave, maternity leave, child care leave, annual leave, family leave, funeral leave)/out for business;

Perform re-sign in&out operations;
Search re-sign in&out records by person, time, and type; edit, delete re-sign in&out records.

3. Attendance statistics: original data, attendance summary, and attendance details.
Original data: view original data of people coming in and out; filter data by department, person, time, mask status, body temperature, and export data;
Attendance details: view information such as shifts and corresponding persons, sign-in/out time, attendance status, attendance duration, absent duration, etc.; filter data by department, person, time, attendance status and export data;
Attendance summary: view attendance results and details; filter data by department, person, time, and export data.

O&M management




Displays operation & maintenance information and smart data in real time, including device/channel online statistics, realtime alarm statistics, central recording storage status, server performance, live face snapshot, live plate snapshot, people counting, visitor management, etc.; support custom homepage.

Basic configuration

Manage organizations, users, person information, devices, and servers;

Change device passwords, shut down NVRs, scramble streams, set encoding parameters, and upgrade devices in batches;

Add, edit, enable, disable, delete recording schedule;

Enable/disable CDN management, and select CDN protocol.

Recording backup

Automatically back up recordings from NVRs or IPCs to the VMS according to the created backup task;

Manually back up recordings to a USB storage device.

System configuration

Set RAID, capacity, full storage, and cloud storage policy; manage hard disk and network disk;

Set TCP/IP parameters, EZCloud, DDNS, port, port mapping, custom route, email, protocol interconnection (UNP, VSS, VIID), etc.;

802.1x client, ARP protection, enable/disable HTTPS, enable/disable SSH, enhanced password, IP address filtering (enable/disable, blocklist/allowlist configuration).

Maintenance statistics

Server statistics: view server status, network status, online users, bandwidth statistics, packet loss statistics, server performance, HDD, storage capacity, recording status;

Device statistics: view device status, channel status, hard disk status;

Log management: view operation logs, view and acknowledge alarm logs.



Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3160@1.60GHz, 64-bit, 4-core processor



Operating system


Network interface

4×10M/100M/1000M Base-T adaptive copper interfaces; 

2×1000M SFP optical interfaces

USB interface


Serial interface

1×RS232 (RJ45), 1xRS485 (RJ45)

Alarm input/output

24 alarm inputs, 8 alarm outputs

Power output

DC 12 V

Audio alarm


Expansion interface

1×eSATA interface, 2×miniSAS interfaces, 2×other expansion interfaces.

Power supply

100 to 240V AC, with power button, redundant power (optional).

Expansion power module slot

1×300W power module (standard), 1+1 redundancy (optional) .

Power consumption

≤ 50W (not including HDD), ≤ 165W (including HDD)

Operating temperature

-10°C to 55 °C

Operating humidity

10% to 90% (non-condensing)


≤ 10.0 Kg (without expansion card, power module, and HDD)



Height: 3U; supports mounting in standard 19" rack.

130.5mm×492mm×481.6mm (with removable front panel for HDD installation)

PC requirements

64-bit version

OS: MS Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit

CPU: Intel core i5 3.1 GHz or higher

RAM: 4GB or higher

32-bit version

OS: MS Windows 7/8/10, 32/64-bit

CPU: Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz or higher, 4 cores, 3.0GHz is recommended

RAM: 2GB or higher  

Note: 64-bit operating system must be compatible with 32-bit software

Mac version

OS: Mac OS 10.11 or higher

CPU: Intel core i5 3.1 GHz or higher

RAM: 4GB or higher

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