Software Version: B1111.1.6.0 Developer: Uniview

EZPlayer is a media player for local recordings, supporting videos in .ts, and .mp4 formats and in SD card, synchronous playback, watermark detection, snapshot and video clipping.

Sync up to 16 channels of already downloaded footage.
Dewarp fisheye cameras after footage has been downloaded.
Clip footage shorter and check footage watermarks.


PC Requirements:
32 or 64-bit OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz or higher
Memory: 4 GB or higher.

Mac Requirements:
Not Avaliable

Windows 64-bit:
Not Avaliable
Patch Notes:
• Supports temperature OSD on live and recorded videos.

Does EZPlayer play more than one channel at a time?
Yes. EZPlayer can play up to 16 channels at one time.


Can EZPlayer play all of my clips in order at one time without having to play each individual clip?
Yes. EZPlayer has a file list that can be played in order and on repeat.


Can EZPlayer digital zoom?
Yes. EZPlayer has the ability to digital zoom.


Can EZPlayer convert file formats.
No EZPlayer does not have this ability. .MP4 files should be playable on all computers and MACS.


Can I take snapshots from the EZPlayer?
Yes. EZPlayer has the abilitys to pause footage and take snapshots.