EZTools 2.0

EZTools 2.0 (Device Configuration Tool)

Software Version: R1122.2.3.2 Developer: Uniview

EZTools 2.0 is a tool for device management, channel management, device upgrade and maintenance, and HDD capacity calculations.
• Device Management: Search devices, Change device password and IP, Configure devices, update time and network settings.
• Channel Management: Configure the image, encoding, OSD, and audio (for IPC only) settings.
• Batch upgrade: Upgrade devices using an upgrade file on the PC; Upgrade devices via EZCloud.
• Device Maintenance: Restore device to default settings; Import and export device configuration; export diagnosis info; Restart device.
• NVR Channel Management: Add or delete NVR channels.
• Capacity calculation: Calculate the allowed recording time based on the given disk space. Calculate the required disk space based on the given recording time.


PC Requirements:
32 or 64-bit OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz or higher
Memory: 1 GB or higher.

Mac Requirements:
Not Avaliable

Windows 64-bit:
Not Avaliable
Patch Notes:
• Allows non-admin user to run the software.
• Can display password in plain text during login and when changing password.
• Fixed the problem that EZTools and Windows taskbar will block each other at low resolution.
• Bug fixes.

Does EZTools find 3rd party device?
Yes. EZTools can find 3rd party Onvif cameras depending on how Onvif compatible they are.


Can I use EZTools to fiind out recording time?
Yes. EZTools has a built in disk calculator that can use online devices to determine recording time.


Can I update recorder and camera firmware from the EZTools?
Yes. Cameras and recorders can both be updated from the EZTools. Cameras on Built in PoE ports can also be updated.


What can I configure with the EZTools?
EZTools can batch configure IPs, Passwords, and Image settings.


Can I save the EZTools information?
Yes. In the upper right hand corner of the EZTools there is an Export button that will save all of the EZTools infomation to an excel file.



I am getting an "Incorrect username or password" error when trying to log into a device.
This error is display for two reasons. One reason being that the username or password was typed in incorrectly, make sure that the username if using admin is all lower case. Then double check the password. The other reason this error will occur is if the software can not verify the username and password becuase the devices IP address and gateway is not on the same network as the computers. In this case update the devices IP address to be on the same network as the computer.