How to use QuickDDNS

How to use QuickDDNS

Setting up QuickDDNS is rather simple; here is a short tutorial on how to setup a QuickDDNS account and host name:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the log in menu, click the Not Register? link.
  3. Fill out the proper user information (make sure to use an email address as the user name)
  4. Before registering, make sure to check the option that states “Send email one month before maturity”.
  5. Once the account is created, log in with the proper credentials.
  6. On the video recorder or network IP camera, go to the DDNS settings and select QuickDDNS as the DDNS Type.  
  7. Select Custom Domain Name as the Domain Mode.
  8. Enter in the desired device alias (host).
  9. Enter in the email address used as the username of the QuickDDNS account.
  10. As mentioned in the warning, the host name will last a year if it is idle, however a warning email will be sent a month before expiration to the email used to create the QuickDDNS account.

Go to the QuickDDNS account page and it should list the host name and MAC address of the device if the set up was successful.

NOTE:  QuickDDNS can be used without registering an account on, however the user will not receive any warnings about the DDNS expiration.  To do so, just enter in the custom domain name and test the settings to verify.  Omit the email address as it is not necessary in this case.

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