Error message when updating firmware using the Config Tool

Error message when updating firmware using the Config Tool

Error messages on the Config Tool when doing a firmware update can indicate the following issues:

  • An old version of the Config Tool is being used.  Check our Support page for the latest version of the Config Tool.
  • The firmware file (.bin) is not the correct file for the device being updated.  Many times the Config Tool will report that the file is not correct, however there is a chance that the Config Tool will attempt to update the device anyways.  If the device takes the wrong firmware, it may render the device unable to boot.  Please use caution when updating firmware; contact DH Vision technical support if there are any doubts.
  • If it is confirmed that the firmware is the correct version for the device and the Config Tool still reports that the file is incorrect or gives any other kind of error (update failed, timed out, etc.), then the installer can try one of the following steps:
    1. If the device is a network IP camera, try logging into the Web Service using the Internet Explorer browser and doing the update.  Navigate to Setup > System > Upgrade to browse for the file and update.
    2. If the device is a video recorder, try using a USB thumb drive to do the firmware update. Rename the .bin file to update and move it to the root of the drive.  Attach the drive to any open USB port on the recorder and then navigate to Main Menu > Info > Version and then select Update to complete the update.

Errors during the previous two steps usually indicate that the firmware file is incorrect (or incorrectly named).  Occasionally, updating to an intermediate firmware version can correct this issue, especially if the devices current firmware build is old (a year or longer).

Check the network cabling; many times a faulty network cable can prevent an update from completing when using the Config Tool.  If attempting to firmware update remotely, a low bandwidth network can also prevent a successful update; update locally instead.  Check for any IP address conflicts on the network.

If all the aforementioned steps do not resolve the issue, contact DH Vision technical support for assistance.

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