Converting .DAV video file to .AVI video file (Windows)

Converting .DAV video file to .AVI video file (Windows)

Dahua manufactured video recorders and cameras back up video streams in .DAV file format.  The .DAV video files can be played back using the simple DAV player or the Smart Player; both are available to download from the Support section on the DH Vision website.  Also the PSS software (both original and Smart) can playback .DAV files.

However, many organizations including the authorities want to be able to play back footage in their own software and on the fly.  The easiest way to accomplish versatile playback is to convert the .DAV file to .AVI format.  DH Vision suggests backing up the .DAV file first before converting to .AVI rather than downloading the file as .AVI via the PSS or Web Service.

To convert a DAV video file to .AVI video file using the simple DAV player:

  1. Open the DAV player (play.exe)
  2. Stop any video that may be playing (video automatically plays if a .DAV file is in the same director as the player.
  3. Click the AVI button to open the Convert to AVI menu.
  4. Click the Browser button for the Source file and locate the .DAV file to be converted.
  5. The directory is automatically entered in the Target File box, however if the directory and/or file name needs to be changed, click the Browser button for Target File and choose a location to save the .AVI file.
  6. Click the Convert button to convert the file.

To convert a DAV video file to .AVI vdeo file using the Smart DAV player:

  1. Open the Smart Player.
  2. Click the Add Files button.
  3. Select the .DAV file to be converted.
  4. Select Export File button.
  5. In the Export File menu, the .DAV file will be listed in the Files window.  Check the checkbox next to the file to be converted.
  6. In the Export Format dropdown, select AVI.
  7. Click the Begin Export button.  Select a location for the .AVI file to be saved.
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