Sending attachments through email notification function

Sending attachments through email notification function

To send email attachments such as snapshots through the email notification function on video recorders and cameras, first verify that the email function is working properly.  Please refer to the “Mail Test Error” on video recorder or camera when setting up email notification function article if the email test fails when setting up email notification.  Also verify that Attachment is enabled in Email settings (Main Menu > Setting > Network > Network Setting > Email).  The Event Interval should be set to a reasonable time as to prevent frequent emails being sent (especially true if events occur continuously like with motion detection in a high traffic environment).

 To set up snapshots to be sent via email when an event occurs, do the following:

  1. On the video recorder, go to Main Menu > Setting > Detect.
  2. In the Detect menu select the Event Type that will trigger the email notification (i.e. Motion Detect).
  3. Enable Send Email and enable Snapshot on channel(s) that will be included in the event

Click the Save button to save settings.

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